As part of the Democrazia Partecipata tender, for a project conceived and strongly desired by Prof. Francesca Gringeri Pantano, in the historic setting of Piazza Umberto I in Avola, the work “Avola Città Esagonale” takes shape, an installation with the aim of restoring – in its double meaning of document/monument – the perception of the hexagonal plan of the city in its authenticity. The initial aim was to create a permanent open-air museum exhibition, in the heart of the new city designed by Angelo Italia, promoting its knowledge and maximum usability through a work physically designed to be universally accessible. A QR CODE attached to the work, readable by users’ devices, will allow access to information on the hexagonal plan, the history of the city and the project itself, by connecting to a special website which, in addition to describing the urban layout and its civil and religious buildings, offers the user a recommended tourist itinerary to get to know the City of Avola as immortalized in the reproduced engraving of 1756.

*Project carried out by the Municipality of Avola under the L.R. 05/2014 “Forme di Democrazia Partecipata” for the year 2021.

Idea, planning, monitoring and text contributions: Francesca Gringeri Pantano

Planning, executive project and web design: Marco Santuccio for EloroNet

Planning, content editing and photography: Vanessa Leonardi

Creation and installation of the work: Pietro Galadini for Galadini & C. S.r.l.

System and lighting:  Ditta Randazzo

Other photographic contributions: Michele Pantano, Vincenzo Calafiore

Thanks to: the Mayor of the City of Avola avv. Rossana Cannata, the Councilor for Cultural Policies Dr. Corrada Di Rosa and all the current Municipal Administration, the former Tourism Councilor Giuseppe Costanzo and the head of the XII sector Bruno Ventura, for having believed in this project since its embryonic stage and having allowed its realization.